Search Presence - a growing part of the marketing pie

If you are seeking good search engine placement ~ then your firm probably has a strong marketing orientation. You recognize that the key to strong sales growth is a pipeline continually full of warm leads and prospects.

Most likely, you are not satisfied with your current search engine position.

For some time now, you've recognized that Yahoo, Google, and MSN/Bing.com search results are only part of the marketing pie - but certainly one that is becoming more and more valuable as search engine usage becomes the dominant product supplier research tool.

If you can answer "yes" to questions 1 and 2, below, odds are good that NetPath can provide high website search results for your search engine optimization investment.

How is designing your website for page one search results going to increase your revenue?

  1. First - is your target market Internet savvy? Do they respond to Internet marketing and web marketing appeals? Do your customers use the web and search engines as one of their ways for product research and procurement?

  2. Next - can your products or services be described with brief, succinct keywords and phrases that would be widely used by your target market for search lookups?

  3. Next - do you have a website, or are you willing to invest in a website, that accurately and fairly describes your offering? Does your website offer good informational content about the problems and benefits addressed by your company? Do you provide research quality material that isn't necessarily laced with copy about your product - but rather, addresses needs and their solutions that are part of or closely related to your market's wants and needs? Can you truthfully say that your website does not mislead - or "bait and switch"?

  4. Finally - do you feel you have a quality offering? Does your product or service produce genuine value that will benefit your customers and turn them into good references for you? Are you willing to provide good customer service?

    Search engine marketing departments place a high premium on informational websites. Websites that educate the visitor and motivate them to return for additional information.

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Why do customers buy?
  • they have needs and wants
  • they are seeking a benefit
  • you have the solution
  • they trust your 'answer'
  • budgets and pricing match
  • they expect a positive return

Two 'listeners...'
Your website must communicate with Search Engine Robots AND Users

Robots must understand the target words and phrases...

Users must understand the benefits...