Projecting your professionalism...

NetPath builds professional looking websites that support your marketing and sales efforts.

Our focus is on developing websites that:

educate and inform your visitors
widen market awareness of your company product line
imprint your Brand
augment the sales process
and enhance customer service and support.

Part of this mission is to build your web presence by writing the code and the copy to support informative, accurate, and thus - more optimal indexing of your website. This process is referred to, in part, as search optimizing, search engine optimization - or "SEO."

NetPath uses search engine optimization protocols to create high search results when a prospective client seeking your products enters relevant search terms into a search engine.

By positioning your website near the front of search results - your company gains exposure to customers proactively seeking your offerings... thereby opening the door to new business opportunities.

To protect your SEO investment against blacklisting (for 'term-spamming'), NetPath adheres to a conservative interpretation of all guidelines and best practices as published by the major search engines - to insure the eventual arrival and continued appearances of your website at, or near the top, of search results.

In addition to well written code that is more effectively indexed by search engines, we utilize referral network participation, reciprocal and non-reciprocal link relationships, portal registrations, blogs, and other 'exposure' tactics to aggressively project your company into your target market.

As required, we provide e-commerce integrations using commercial, E-bay and PayPal shopping cart and payment settlement applications - so website traffic can be quickly converted to sales and positive cash flow.

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It's simple...
NetPath websites =
greater search presence

Greater search presence =
higher 'search' visibility

Higher 'search' visibility =
better quality traffic

Better quality traffic =
improved conversion yields

Improved conversion yields =
Higher Revenue