Benefit, benefit, benefit...

People buy for a reason.

One fact of "marketing life" you can rely upon is people buy things to gain a benefit. Your customer is going to benefit in some way by purchasing your product or service.

This can present a tricky balance in how you create "copy" to achieve page one search results for your website. Consider this illustration...

Let's say you sell cars. What you're really selling is transportation, right? In fact - you're selling private transportation to be more exact. But along with the private transportation benefit - you may also be selling comfort, safety, luxury, and perhaps prestige.

All these things are true - yet who is going to enter "safe comfortable luxurious prestige transportation" into a search engine if they're looking for a local BMW dealer who carries the 5, X6 or 7 Series. The search string that will be used is obvious - possibly modified by a location, such as Orange County (ie. "Orange County, CA BMW dealer, X6").

A well constructed Gateway has to balance creating a strong search index with the realities of motivating your visitor to convert their visit to a phone call once they reach your website as a result of their search engine results.

How do you convert keyword positioning into warm / hot leads?

There is not a fixed answer to this - but if your primary marketing goal is high search placement - then content covering the fundamentals of your offering that includes those terms and phrases most likely to be used by your prospective customers - needs to be emphasized according to best practices for search optimized website construction.

This typically means positioning your keywords and search phrases toward the front of each web page and making use of those tag types most indexed by search robots - such as the "ALT" and "TITLE" tags.

Just a brief comment on "TAGS" - much as been said about... and attributed to... the "DESCRIPTION" and "KEYWORDS" Meta Tags. These tags are typically used as a verification of the index content extracted from the copy and the aforementioned "high use" tags (ALT, TITLE, etc.) as opposed to being the tags that actually generate the index. Our experience bears this out.

You'll want to have one and two word "benefit highlights" at the top of each web page, intermixed with "marketing prose" laced with key search terms and phrases. For more detail on how to do this, make it a topic when you open discussions with us.

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Striking a balance...
"Key words" and "search phrases" put you on page one.

"Benefits" and "features" create the sale.

Work the numbers...
Selling is also a "numbers" game. Fill your pipeline with enough warm leads and the law of averages will start to take care of you.

Page one search results fill your pipeline with new business opportunities... buyers who got there specifically looking for your type of products.