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A Gateway site is optimized for maximum search engine performance.

It is built around quality, informational content arranged for easy reading by the visitor and the Crawler (indexing Robot). Its target objective is to obtain high search engine position.

Gateway sites form a network of "feeder" points that capture the attention of a particular type, or category, of prospective customer. Multiple Gateways in a web marketing ring will usually be optimized for different keywords and phrases all related to the target market and offering. They are the "spokes" or "supply lines" to the hub - the Portal - website.

Keyword optimized Gateways come in all shapes and sizes.

We avoid overuse of special effects and saturating the site with a lot of code rich applications that might confuse the Robot.

We strive for a clean, professional look that indicates to the visitor that they have found the source of information they are looking for.

In all cases, our Gateway websites are hand written. We do not use code generators like Microsoft's FrontPage or Macromedia's DreamWeaver. There is nothing wrong with these products… in fact, they are both excellent. The problem lies with their ease of use for the non programmer.

In their efforts to make these products easily usable by the novice, the "coding engines" of these products generate an enormous amount of superfluous and redundant code. As a result, the size of the page is greatly increased (slow load times) and the complexity of the code compromises the indexing robot's ability to quickly generate a clean, accurate index of your target terms and phrases.

By manually writing each webpage for a search optimized website (Gateway), we are using the absolute minimum amount of code and maximizing the percentage of a web page devoted to quality content enriched with properly used keywords and phrases.

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Gateway websites are 'periphery' engines that are core to the lead generating ability of World Wide Web based marketing programs.