Micro 'sites' that open doors...

A number of definitions exist for this type of webpage - but we feel the most accurate definition describes a page emphasizing a particularly narrow set of keywords and phrases that leads, or points, the visitor to a specific landing page on the main Portal.

A well constructed Gateway that is designed for top search engine placement will have a number of Doorway web pages linked to specific information or services within either the resident Gateway or the main Portal website.

For instance, we might have a Doorway page within a website optimized for top search engine placement on mortgage loans terms. This Doorway might cover how interest rates are computed and the various models and external indices used to calculate interest charges on a mortgage loan.

As a Doorway page, this page would logically have several links that take the visitor to a page on the main Portal that has an interest rate feed from one or more of the mortgage lender's money sources.

Doorway web pages optimized for page one search results placement are an important part of any Gateway web site.

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Doorways add up to…
Gateways... and Gateways comprise the outer ring of web marketing networks.