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In the context of search optimization strategy - a "network" is a group of web sites designed to work synergistically for improved search engine presence. These sites are referred to as Gateways and typically form the spokes of a wheel leading to a "service rich" hub known as a Portal.

Each Gateway has its own specialty - and thus, its own set of keywords and key phrases optimized to get the best possible position in a search.

An example we are fond of using is that of a large fishing trawler that has the facilities to process a variety of fish.

The trawler is positioned where fish migrations are known to exist (the Internet, for instance) - and then smaller "dories" (pl. dory) are launched from the main vessel to carry specialized nets (some nets designed to catch Cod, some to catch Tuna, and so on) out into the surrounding seas. As each net fills with its particular catch (search term/phrase), the dories haul the catch back to the main processing trawler where processing occurs.

In this example, the dories and their specialized nets are the Gateway sites… small, simple, lean, fast - and designed for a certain type of "catch." The processing trawler is the main Portal… big, rich in services, not particularly fast - but able to process the 'catch' (warm leads) into a product of commercial value (an order or 'call in').

For a more practical illustration, click this link to access a diagram of a mortgage leads network. If you can, move the illustration so you can see it and read this description at the same time - or better yet, print it out for future reference.

Notice at the bottom left side is a Home Office and Main Portal Website.

Feeding business into it are a number of geographically specialized Gateways that, in the aggregate, produce a constant stream of warm mortgage leads for the staff of Loan Originators. These leads come from search engine optimized Gateway websites targeting Denver, Colorado, Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA - and so on. Each Gateway website could just as easily be individually optimized for a specialty - such as "home refinancing," "new home purchases," "debt consolidations," "reverse mortgages," "HELOCs," and so on.

This illustration references a White Paper titled "Premises for Gateway Network Targeting Mortgage Loan Candidates." If you wish to read this document - click here for a copy of the White Paper.

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Build your portal and gateway websites as an incremental investment that can eventually account for a continuous and reliable stream of warm, qualified leads.

This "network" asset is an important source of new business leads for your Sales Department and cash flow for your Company.