Marketing 'expense' or business 'investment'...

Investing in your website for improved search engine performance is a different kind of marketing outlay.

Every dollar you invest to expand your Internet presence has an indefinite shelf life ~ thereby providing a market presence that has no end, that is... "indefinite."

Because your website presence is continuous, because it does not 'expire,' your expenditures are NOT expenses... but rather, high value investments.

....Let's say you had a $2,500 - $7,500 marketing budget and projected additional funding of $500 - $1,000 per year to sustain it. What marketing tactic(s) would give the best return for your money?

Would it be a "one or two time" ad in a high end publication?

Could it be a 5,000 piece production run of beautiful 4 color brochures?

Perhaps it would make more sense to apply the budget to tactics that produced a continuous benefit stream.

Before 1995, buyers searched for goods and services in the Yellow Pages. If not Yellow Pages, then prospective customers came from print advertising, outbound direct response mail ("brick and mortar" spam) or direct calls by a sales rep.

"Top search position" (maximum visibility) meant buying the biggest ad available in as many Yellow Pages districts as you could afford.

"Web marketing" didn't exist prior to 1995... you bought market share and "mindshare" with large advertising dollars. Keyword placement had a different meaning - related to physical placement of emotional "trigger words" on your print ad.

What a change since 1995.

In the marketing arena, at no time has the playing field been so level as it has since the Internet and "favorable search results" became a vital marketing tactic.

Now, small companies with limited marketing budgets and an aggressive web presence can go 'toe to toe' with much bigger firms having much bigger budgets.

Building your web site to obtain top search engine position when buyers enter your keywords - is now one of the most cost effective investments you can make.

Getting your website to page one is not an overnight proposition, but then, neither is most print advertising or the Yellow Pages. Any kind of marketing aimed at:
  • building brand
  • expanding your market footprint, and
  • increasing sales an incremental process.

Broadly speaking, there are 3 steps to establishing a strong Internet search presence:

  1. Building websites with accurate, clear, informative content ~ written using a minimal amount of code and are "search term and search phrase" enriched for optimal search indexing strength - is the most important phase.

    By starting here, we are creating websites that will assimilate well with the indexing "Robots" that "read, and index" your websites. This process is itself, a multi-stage effort detailed in one of our White Papers on our Website Development Process"

  2. Initially exposing your "search friendly" website to referring sites, search engines, public directories, relevant - privately owned 'single purpose' sites with reciprocal links - and other tactics designed to position your websites high in the search results when a visitor enters your target terms and phrases.

  3. An ongoing effort of tuning your website target indices and expanding the number and, in particular, the quality of external links pointing back to your site(s) as a resource for information on the type of product and services your company offers.
This "ongoing effort" builds a stronger index of your website:

by increasing the number and quality of external links pointing to you
by continued expansion of major portal and/or directory registrations
by periodic review of search term/phrase performance
by blogging and newsgroup participation, and
by sponsorships of relevant web and non web events relevant to your product and service offering.

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Expense or Investment...?
Full Yellow Page County Print Ad
Subscribers - 1.2m
Shelf Life - 1 year
Monthly Expense - $5k - $15k

Full Page Consumer Mag Ad
Subscribers - 200K
Shelf Life - 5 to 9 days
Monthly Expense - $3k - $6k

Qtr Page Ad - Sunday Supplement
Subscribers - 400K
Shelf Life - 1 to 3 days
Weekly Expense - $1k - $3k

Multi Page Site - Internet
Subscribers - very large
Shelf Life - indefinite
One Time Investment - $1k - $5k