To obtain high search results...

...using search engine optimization tactics, an effective strategy uses a "Portal" website acting as the hub of a wheel fed by a network of Gateway sites (discussed under "Network") that are optimized for top search position.

The "Portal" site has the most in-depth information and application services. While we always optimize the Portal for maximum search engine placement - the amount and type of code required for applications can slow down 'Deep Crawlers' and other search engine indexing robots. Therefore, we utilize keyword indexing copy and tactics on the satellite Gateway sites with links for the visitor to open up services offered by the Portal.

Which comes first - your Portal website or the Gateway websites?

It really doesn't matter. The order in which you develop your network depends upon your priorities.

If your business is high sales volume oriented with moderate customer service requirements… or you are a small or startup organization… you might choose to start your Internet marketing network with an emphasis on one or more Gateway sites. The reasoning here is that search optimized Gateway sites are more revenue oriented. Their purpose is to drive (capture) traffic and increase sales.

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The hub of the wheel…
is your Portal Website - where most of the "code rich" applications reside and 'warm lead' motivation occurs.

Portals are spoke terminals
...that we call "Gateways".

Gateways are access points to your Portal that have an emphasis on narrower content topics (fewer, more specific keywords).

A Gateway feeds leads to the Portal - or directly to you if a "call to action" exists on the Gateway.

Most Gateways should have numerous "calls to action" that direct the visitor to the phone or the Portal Website.