A high yield asset...

Consider your "high search position" website an investment... not an expense!

First, the money you invest in website(s) designed for page one search results will yield a direct return based upon the quality and volume of warm leads that are returned as your website migrates toward page one search results.

Besides increased sales from new business leads, the website asset value is building as your investment matures - much like a piece of property.

At some point in time, your search placement investments will periodically place your website at or near the top of search engine results for many of your target terms and phrases. How long that takes depends upon how much competition exists for top search position using the same keywords that you are targeting and the investment you have made in 'traffic creating' tactics.

This is not an immediate process, as we've pointed out earlier - but a certain one. Your top search positions, depending upon how many you have (number of websites and successful top keyword placements), will impart a hard asset value to your website. That asset value can be calculated as a multiplier of the total and projected revenue to be gained from the lead stream originating from the website or network of websites you've invested in.

As a standing investment, even though it is not "hard", like a house or piece of land - websites experience a growth in 'hard' asset value as they become more successful at gaining top search placement and creating new business opportunities.

This asset value can be translated into increasing the value of your business should you someday care to liquidate it.

The broader and stronger your network of search optimized websites, the greater and more reliable the revenue yield and thus… the greater the value of your business.

The value of your search optimized websites will be in the promise of new business opportunities they will create as well as the revenue base from all the customers you now have that are attributable to the search engine placements you've gained from your network of websites.

Thus, your search engine outlays should always be considered an investment - not a limited shelf life cost such as print advertising or brochures.

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Investment or Expense?
An "investment" is a permanent asset that yields a continuous return.

The Return continues for the life of the asset... thus, the asset has a "hard" value - computed as a multiplier of the revenue stream.

An "expense" is a 'one time' or recurring cost with a limited benefit from each outlay. Once the outlay stops, all benefits stop.

A website is an Investment. It is a 'long term' asset.

Best of both worlds...
While it is possible that you can write off the website investment in the year it was created (talk to your CPA) -

practically speaking... it should be treated as a long term asset and funded accordingly.