Content is King...

It is important to recognize that search engines have a mission! That mission is to produce a list of website choices that have the information each search engine user is seeking.

This is not as easy as it sounds, since the indexing process is automated. Spammers can often figure out ways to "fool" the search engine into placing sites near the top that are not fully relevant to the search user's intentions.

If your search results are to be successful in the long term - the quality of your content must produce value for your visitor's search engine efforts.

This means - to achieve page one search results - you have to earn your way to the top by producing a website that contains meaningful information that responds to the questions (implied or otherwise) posed by your visitors choice of keywords and search phrases. This is legitimate, responsible publishing on your part... and helps to insure that once you've arrived at page one, you're likely to keep appearing there for a significant percentage of the time.

Broadly speaking, we recommend that your website be developed along these lines:

  • Clearly understand what your target market is seeking and how they will search for it using Search Engine technology.
  • Make sure each web page your visitor lands on lets them know they have found the right site.
  • Present your key benefits and problem solutions clearly - and immediately.
  • Give your search visitor options to expand their knowledge by presenting them with choices.
  • Make sure each "choice" rewards your visitor with informative information presented in an interesting and appealing way.
  • Keep your new website visitor "on site." Items 3, 4, & 5 help assure this.
  • Don't forget the "call to action" - providing a link to the buying Portal or to contact you via several options.
  • Provide all contact options, including:
    • Phone number leading to someone with a heartbeat
    • Fax number
    • Direct e-mail address
    • If your budget permits, a Q & A Form with confirmation page and printed collateral document(s)
    • A mailing address (PO Boxes are OK - but a street address adds credibility to your corporate image)

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Will you stay...
For high search value phrases, websites appearing on page one are often visited by Editors with a heartbeat.

Their objective is to determine if any of these "page one" websites don't belong there.

If the website is not relevant to the search terms/phrases, and it is determined that "position" was achieved by "spamming" the index algorithm, that website may be removed from the search engine master index all together.