Your 'word' is your promise...

Your statement, with embedded keywords and key phrases, is how you project yourself and your products or services to the search engine user. It is "your promise" to your potential customers of search results to be delivered.

Delivering this promise should be an integral part of your Internet marketing plan - and an important part in your quest for high quality search engine performance.

That said, a "promise" can cover a lot of terminology. Terms like "best," "greatest," and "lowest price" tend to be cliché in the overall scheme of "selling" things.

Often, we use modifiers to filter the marketing message when seeking top search engine results for your website.

A modifier is a common word that imparts some element of clarification to your message and the key words and phrases within your message.

For many web marketers, the primary search phrase modifiers center around geography (a city or county name), usage, categories and gender. For instance...


phrase="cosmetic surgeon"

modifier-2="breast augmentation"
phrase="cosmetic surgeon, breast augmentation"

modifier-3="south Orange County"
phrase="cosmetic surgeon, breast augmentation, south Orange County area"
Each addition to the phrase reduces the number of search results and narrows the list down closer to what the search engine user is looking for... in this case, a plastic surgeon serving south Orange County that does breast augmentations.

If your market is only in a certain number of geographic areas - then by using a location "modifier", you refine the search results received and end up with a more qualified stream of prospects to deal with. This saves time for you, improves the responsiveness (web page load speed) of your website (fewer unqualified visitors) and increases your conversion rate for your search engine marketing efforts.

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September 16, 2005...
Yahoo search results on...

"interior designer" yielded 10,400,000 results

"interior designer, California" yielded 2,000,000 results

"interior designer, Orange County, CA" yielded 235,000 results

"interior designer, Newport Beach, CA" yielded 83,700 results

"interior designer, Newport Beach, Balboa Peninsula, CA" yielded 207 results

Be kind to yourself!...
If you "qualify" your key words and target search phrases with the right modifiers - will get to page one of search results more quickly, will maintain your position more often, and

...your leads will be stronger and better qualified.